THE OLD CREAMERY IN CLATSKANIE, OREGON The Old Creamery in Clatskanie, Oregon was built circa 1920, during the rapid growth period in the area. The Old Creamery is located near the banks of the Clatskanie River which runs into the Columbia River near the city of Clatskanie. The building sits on a 1.75-acre parcel of land on Beaver Falls Road with 425 feet of frontage.
ART OF THE AUTOMOBILE – CAN CARS BE ART? The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) thought so way back in 1951 with their “Eight Automobiles” exhibit. MoMA was the first art museum to collect and exhibit automobiles. Since 1951, cars have increasingly been accepted as art. The graceful curves of a car lend themselves to the photographer’s eye. This collection of photographs contains images that show off the artistic creativity of car designers, the elegant lines and the graceful curves of automobiles from a perspective not usually presented in automotive photography.
Like many photographers that learned the art of photography using film, paper and a darkroom to create photographic art, I resisted using digital cameras when they first became available. When I finally decided to take the plunge, I wanted to experiment. Rather than focusing on one traditional style of photography, I was constantly experimenting with subjects and styles when I first started using digital equipment and software to create images. This collection is a retrospective of my early work using digital technology. Many of the images in this collection can also be found in my book, “Digital Diversity”.Preview the book at:
What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce. This is especially true of flower blossoms. The images presented in this project capture an ephemeral moment in the life of a variety of blossoms. From the very early spring blooms of the Crocuses to the blossoms of summer and the delicate conservatory grown flowers, they all have brief moments of glory that I have caught in this collection of naturally beautiful and colourful images.
Porsche has always been my favorite sport car company for as long as I can remember. This small collection of Porsche automobile images mostly highlights the iconic Porsche 911 and most of the photography (but not all) took place at a location 3,000 feet up on Cypress Mountain (in West Vancouver, BC) from mid September to mid October, 2013 as the weather and schedules permitted. I really enjoyed the experience and that great twisty drive up and down the mountain was enjoyed by all of us driving Porsches! With everyone talking about 2013 being a celebration of 50 Years of the Porsche 911, I wanted to publish a book containing 50 Porsches owned by our local Porsche Club members. Many of the images in this collection can also be found in my book, “PORSCHE CLUB OF AMERICA-CANADA WEST REGION”. The 50 cars in my book are from every one of those 50 years of Porsche 911 production; a truly amazing collection of automobiles owned by a group of very fine people that really like their Porsches. Preview the book at:
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