The advent of digital photography and graphic design software have signalled a significant change in the medium. Methods of capturing images have become quicker and easier. 
The way we think about images has also dramatically changed, from a vehicle of meaning to the meaning itself. In 1964, cultural critic Marshall McLuhan famously announced that “the medium is the message.” Since then, new methods of sending,  “sharing,” and altering images through interconnected media have rendered photography an ever more ambiguous, complicated, and changing field.
Like many photographers that learned the art of photography using film, paper and a darkroom to create photographic art, I resisted using digital cameras when they first became available.  When I finally decided to take the plunge, I wanted to experiment. Rather than focusing on one traditional style of photography, I was constantly experimenting with subjects and styles. The portfolio on this website is a collection of images that reflect my urge to experiment. This is especially true in the Project titled "Digital Diversity".  I truly hope you enjoy the photographs presented here.  If you want to own some of the photographs, have a look at the three books I have published. They are colorful, high quality "coffee table" photography books that I am sure you will enjoy.  
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